A New Pirelli F1 Tyre Compound For 2018?

Although a decision is not expected till the end of the year, F1’s tyre supplier Pirelli have said that they could add an extra tyre compound to increase its range of Formula 1 tyres up to six different compounds.

as.JPGPhoto : Sutton Images

In order to evaluate the tyre compounds for the 2018 season, Pirelli have penciled in testing days this year which include a test with Mercedes at Paul Ricard on Sep 7-8, Mexico City test with Force India and Sauber from Oct 31 to Nov 1, and a test with McLaren at Interlagos from Nov 14-15.

A final validation test shall take place in Abu Dhabi from Nov 28-29 open to all F1 teams, following which Pirelli shall commit to their tyre compound options for 2018.

“Depending on the results, we will decide the number of compounds”, said Pirelli’s F1 boss Maria Isola. “My opinion is to go up to six, which is possible.

“If I look at the regulations, the number of compounds is our proposal to the FIA and usually the FIA accepts, because there is no reason to refuse. In fact this year we homologated 10 compounds – we have the five base compounds, and five back-up compounds.

“We don’t need the agreement of the teams. In Abu Dhabi after the race we have two days of testing with all the cars and all the teams, which is supposed to be for validation of the new product, to give the teams the opportunity to test it in advance.

“So end of November we need to be ready with the final version of our 2018 tyres.”

The current compounds active in F1 are the Ultrasoft, Supersoft, Soft, Medium and Hard tyres. What’s this new one going to be called?

Feature image : Sutton Images

– Aditya Bhat.




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