Feedback On The Shield : Made Vettel Dizzy

Yesterday during FP1 at British Grand Prix, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was the first F1 driver to trial the proposed Shield cockpit protection system (Read more here : British GP : Vettel To Test The Shield Today)

His feedback is in, and it’s not looking good at all.

Ferrari had a run planned for Vettel to undertake several laps with the Shield on, but apparently it disoriented and made him dizzy. So much so that they had to take it off after a solitary installation lap, abandoning the planned Shield run altogether.

f1-british-gp-2017-sebastian-vettel-ferrari-sf70h-cockpit-shieldPhoto : Zak Mauger – LAT Images

“I tried it this morning and I got a bit dizzy”, said Vettel speaking at the end of Friday practice for the British GP.

“The forward vision is not very good. I think it’s because of the curvature, you get quite a bit of distortion. There was a lot of downwash down the straight coming off the back of my helmet and pushing my head forward.

“We had a run planned with it, but I didn’t like it, so we took it off.”

Commenting on his ability to get out of the car with the Shield on, Vettel said : “For sure it doesn’t help. Getting in doesn’t matter, but getting out is probably more about getting used to it, so that’s not the main thing.”

The FIA plan is to introduce the Shield for the 2018 season. But if it doesn’t make the cut, the Halo cockpit protection system is set to be introduced anyway.

We shall have to wait and see how Seb Vettel’s feedback affects this.

Feature image : Zak Mauger – LAT Images

– Aditya Bhat.


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