Toto Wolff Is Still Furious With Eddie Jordan’s “Fake News”

Recently, F1 veteran and current Channel 4 pundit Eddie Jordan has been talking non-stop about the possibility of major sponsors leaving the Mercedes F1 team soon.

Mercedes Motorsport boss Toto Wolff initially rubbished these claims but as Jordan has persisted with claims of sponsors leaving and the new Chinese backed team buying out Mercedes, Wolff is upset with Jordan because his “baseless” rumours plants unnecessary doubt in the minds of thousands of employees who work for the Mercedes Formula One Team.

“I told him I’m ready for any banter with Eddie”, said Mr Wolff. “But for me, I stop laughing when it’s about making jokes on the back of 1500 employees that care about their future.

f1-azerbaijan-gp-2017-toto-wolff-mercedes-amg-f1-director-of-motorsport-eddie-jordan-chann.jpgPhoto : Sutton Images

“And I said it in an interview with him, that this is too serious a topic for me. We are not leaving F1, none of our sponsors are leaving F1, we are pretty happy where we are. He should just stop putting these rumours – fake news – out in the world.”

Eddie Jordan, however, exactly how’d you’d expect, is rather insistent that even if Mercedes don’t leave F1 fully, their sponsors will pull out, and Mercedes will only remain in the sport post 2018 in a smaller capacity.

f1-united-states-gp-2014-eddie-jordan.jpgPhoto : Rainier Ehrhardt

“I’ve never said they will pull out”, said Jordan. “I’ve said Mercedes are in the business for marketing and technical reasons, they are not in the business for love. And they will go when it suits them. I don’t think I said what the right time is. What I said is 2018 is when the contracts with UBS and Petronas run out.

“It will be the decision of the board. Having been on many boards, the board members are the people who will make that decision. In my opinion they will do what suits the company best.

“If they can find that the return for the investment is no longer justified, they’re gone – gone as a works team.

“I can understand why he’s angry with that, but that’s not my concern. That’s life. It’s going to come out sometime. If I say it, I’m convinced.

“Look at it the other way – He’s talking about 1500 people, I’m talking about thousands and thousands of Daimler AG shareholders.”

Mercedes absolutely dismiss his claims as nonsense, but does Eddie Jordan know something nobody does? Or is he just talking nonsense again?

Feature image : Steve Etherington – LAT Images

– Aditya Bhat.



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