What Happened With The Mercedes Headrest Failure?

Amidst all the madness that ensued at the F1 2017 Azerbaijan GP at Baku, Lewis Hamilton looked set to take a comfortable victory until his headrest came loose and Mercedes were forced to pit him to change it as it was a safety concern.

This unplanned pit-stop resulted in Hamilton dropping down the order to eventually finish P5.

Following this unfortunate incident, the Mercedes F1 Team at their base in Brackley are looking into making changes to the locking mechanism on the headrest in time for the next F1 Grand Prix in Austria.

f1-azerbaijan-gp-2017-replacement-head-rest-for-lewis-hamilton-mercedes-amg-f1-w08Photo : Sutton Images

The team have concluded that the reason for the failure was most probably the length of the locking pins at the back of the headrest where it attaches to the car.

It is suspected that the length of the locking pins used by Mercedes is shorter than the ones used by some of the other teams, and Mercedes are set to change the design as an extra failsafe to ensure the headrest is fully locked in place.

“I haven’t heard of that problem before”, said Mercedes Motorsport boss Toto Wolff commenting on the issue. “The knobs that go into the hole are not very large.”

Feature image : Sutton Images

– Aditya Bhat.


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