Jackie Chan’s team just won Le Mans

For the uninitiated, film legend Jackie Chan co-owns an LMP2 team named Jackie Chan DC Racing.

qwsPhoto : Rainier Ehrhardt

Yesterday at the 24 hours of Le Mans, the #38 Jackie Chan DC Racing Oreca car not only won the LMP2 class, but also led Le Mans overall for a bit, eventually finishing P2 outright.

Piloted by Thomas Laurent, Oliver Jarvis, and Chinese driver Ho-Pin Tung, the #38 car surprised everyone by winning LMP2. If the works Porsche LMP1 hadn’t recovered from its woes the way it did, Jackie Chan’s LMP2 car would’ve actually held the lead to come through and win Le Mans outright.

z.JPGPhoto : Nikolaz Godet

Jackie Chan, who couldn’t be at the race due to prior engagements, was obviously ecstatic about this incredible performance his team had pulled off.

“How exciting!”, said Mr Chan via a live video message. “It’s exactly like when I got an Oscar. Really, watching it on video, I’m just sorry I could not be there.

“But anyway, no matter where you are, we win! We have to continue now, work hard for next year, and coming years and years.”

Feature image : Vision Sport Agency

– Aditya Bhat.


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