2017 Honda Civic Type R – Review

Honda have taken their fastest, most powerful bull dog of a hot hatch and have made it all a bit madder – say hello to the all new Honda Civic Type R.

01-2017-honda-civic-type-r-fd-1.jpgPhoto : Honda

The most powerful front wheel drive hatchback on the planet, the new Type R now packs 316 BHP in the back, boasts a top speed of 169 mph, and has already lapped the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 7m 43.8 s – a full 7 seconds faster than the earlier Type R.

The gearbox is a six-speed manual and the engine is still a 2.0 litre four cylinder turbo, retaining the block from the old model.

Work on the exhaust is where they’ve derived more power to be made available to you. A new water jacket on the exhaust manifold and general exhaust design that has enabled the entire exhaust system to “breathe easier” lets you turn up the power without fear on engine knocking.

On the outside..

The new TypeR features wider tyres, bigger wheels, a wider track, and a lower bonnet. Compared to the older version, it has a longer wheelbase as well. The fuel tank has been moved from below the front seats to beneath the rear  which now allows the driver to sit 50 mm lower, and the center of gravity is lower too.

09-2017-honda-civic-type-r-fd-1Photo : Honda

Honda have also replaced the Type R’s torsion beam suspension with a multi-link setup to improve ride quality. The shell of the car is also 16 kg lighter than before due to the fact that Honda used adhesives to put the car together, instead of spot welds.

Talking about aerodynamics..

The rear wing on the Type R whilst still obnoxious, is now thinner but creates downforce, thanks in part to the vortex generators that direct air to it. But the fact of the matter is that the Type R produces positive downforce – the only car in its class to do so. All others just reduce lift. For a hatchback, that is impressive.

20-2017-honda-civic-type-r-fd-1.jpgPhoto : Honda

When it comes to the interior..

The Type R has certainly made an effort to look more practical and “grown up”. There’s more than enough space for 4 adult passengers, and the boot capacity is 420 liters. The interior trim seems to be of higher quality, there’s a new digital instrument cluster, and the infotainment system on the dash seems sleeker.

35-2017-honda-civic-type-r-fd-1.jpgPhoto : Honda

Finally, the styling..

The Type R has divided opinion ever since its conception. Depending on the sort of person you are, you could think it’s either incredible or way too obnoxious and over the top.

But here’s the thing. It’s an incredible car on track, but it has refined itself to be an incredible daily driver. When it says comfort mode, it means it – take me to the shops, I’ll be your Golf. When it says sport mode, it means it – take me to the track, I’ll rip your face off.

The Type R isn’t for everybody, but it’s made an effort to be. And that’s beautiful.

Starting at £30,995, the new Type R is set to hit the streets this July.

Feature image : Honda

– Aditya Bhat.


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