Bottas’s Canadian GP : Shabby but had Hamilton’s race pace

Valtteri Bottas insisted that he had the same race pace as his race winning team-mate Lewis Hamilton at the Canadian GP, but a lot of things went wrong that resulted in him not being able to keep up with Hamilton on track.

f1-russian-gp-2017-valtteri-bottas-mercedes-amg-f1.jpgPhoto : LAT Images

Bottas mentioned factors such as losing time behind certain out of sync cars as well tyre vibrations and brake issues for his loss of lap times.

“I honestly don’t think there was much of a difference between our pace”, said Bottas after the race. “In the first stint, I was initially behind the Red Bull.

“I had a big lock-up, I was having difficulties to see at the end of the straights, and also brakes overheating behind Vertsappen. I had to save them, lift and coasting, and stuff like that.

“Then when I stopped, we decided to go for the soft tyre, which I completely understand, because already at that point Lewis was quite far away, there was nothing really for me to lose to try and go for the soft.

“The feeling for me with the soft on Friday was quite good, with the hotter temps we thought it worked really well. But it wasn’t quick enough I think, and we lost I don’t know how many seconds behind Ocon. Lewis’s supersofts seemed very solid, very quick.”

“I don’t think in the race I struggled massively”, Bottas summed it up, “Things were not aligned for me today to fight for the win.”

Feature image : Sutton Images

– Aditya Bhat.


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