These Are The Four Classic Ferraris that will be in the F1 2017 Game

Adding to the hype surrounding the classic cars featured on the F1 2017 game, Codemasters have now revealed all four classic Ferrari cars that will appear in the game.

F12017__capsule_main-2.jpgPhoto : Codemasters

Bringing classic cars back into the game since they last did it in F1 2013, Codemasters have already announced the main lineup of classic cars that include the McLaren MP4/4, Williams FW14B, Ferrari F2002, and the Red Bull Racing RB6.

The full list of classic Ferraris that shall feature in F1 2017 is as follows :

1995 Ferrari 412 T2

The last of the V12 monsters, this car was driven by Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger in the ’95 F1 season. Ferrari took third in the Constructors’ championship that year, and Alesi took his one and only F1 win in this car at the Canadian GP.

2002 Ferrari F2002

Arguably one of the most dominant F1 cars of all time, the F2002 was driven by Micheal Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello during the 2002 F1 season. It won 14 of the 17 races, giving Micheal his 5th World Championship.

2004 Ferrari F2004

The car that marked the proverbial end of Ferrari domination in Formula One, it gave Ferrari their 6th straight Constructors’ Championship in a row and and Micheal Schumacher, the last of his 7 World Championship titles.

2007 Ferrari F2007

This is the car Kimi Raikkonen drove to win his World Championship. With Felipe Massa as team-mate, they won 9 of the 17 races held in the ’07 season.

Watch the teaser video from Codemasters here :

Credit : F1 Games From Codemasters via YouTube

Feature image :

– Aditya Bhat.



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