James Rossiter to Formula E?

Since attending the Monaco ePrix last month, Lexus Super GT racing driver James Rossiter has had a Formula mini-test last weekend in Berlin and has expressed interest in racing in the electric racing series.

formula-e-berlin-eprix-2017-james-rossiter-drives-the-formula-e-show-carPhoto : Alastair Staley – LAT Images

“I would really like to see what opportunities I can get”, Rossiter said speaking to Motorsport.com after doing two short runs in the Spark SRT_01E Formula E test and demo car. “I would be very interested to race it after my experience today. It’s very challenging, even though people can say they aren’t as fast as Formula 1.”

Talking about his experience whilst in the car, Rossiter explained : “If you brake too late or carry too much speed, there’s nothing you can do as a driver to recover it. That’s what struck me the most.

“It gives a huge respect for the drivers who are good at it. You have to be so strict with yourself, you have to be so controlled not to overdrive it.

“With the bouncy track and the weight of the car and the lack of grip, if you go over the limit and the car starts sliding, it just carries on sliding.

“The weight management on a bumpy circuit is another thing I found challenging and fun – the car moves around a bit, you’re in-between walls, the kerbs can be taken at the apex.”

“I would like to get into a competitive session and see where I am and if there’s an opportunity to do some testing for the series and Spark to help them out, I’d also be interested to do that”, Rossiter concluded.

Of course, James Rossiter is contracted to Toyota, one of the few manufactures that haven’t gotten involved in Formula E.

This shouldn’t mean that Toyota will stand in the way of Rossiter’s hopes of driving in the electric series, because Seb Buemi, Stephane Sarrazin, and Jose Maria Lopez drive in Formula E and they’re Toyota drivers as well.

Feature image : Sam Bloxham – LAT Images

– Aditya Bhat.





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