Kvyat labels Charlie Whiting and the F1 stewards a stupid f^&*!#g circus

After a sloppy decision by the F1 stewards that resulted in him taking an extra unnecessary penalty at the Canadian GP, Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kvyat lashed out at race director Charlie Whiting and his team of stewards calling them a “stupid f^&*!#g circus.”

f1-spanish-gp-2017-daniil-kvyat-scuderia-toro-rosso-str12Photo : Sutton Images

After Kvyat’s car failed to get away on the formation lap on time with everyone else, he eventually got going and made it to his designated starting slot on time for the race start.

But since the rules state that a slow driver may return to his grid slot for a normal start only if he can recover his positions by the first safety car line, the stewards awarded Kvyat a drive-through penalty.

If this pointless penalty wasn’t harsh enough on the Russian driver, the stewards later declared that the drive-through penalty was a mistake and it should’ve been a 10 second stop-go penalty.

And they made him take the stop-go penalty too. After he had served the original drive-through penalty.

Oh dear.

“They should cancel this rule”, Kvyat raged. “Who is this rule for? Are we taxi drivers here or Formula 1 drivers? I don’t understand this. It’s a circus, a stupid f^&*!#g circus.

“They have a job to do which is not so difficult in my opinion and they cannot do the job properly. They were clearly sleeping today in their office, so maybe they need some coffee there.

“Our team manager was for 10 laps arguing with the FIA that we shouldn’t get another additional penalty and they said ‘no sorry, we have this’.

“I will go and talk to Charlie. It’s annoying me, it’s really annoying me. A simple job, and he can’t even do that job properly.”

Race Control2.jpgPhoto : Derek Daly

Now I always criticize the drivers for being hot heads and raging against stewards and established rules, but in this case, I don’t have anything to defend Charlie and the stewards with. I’m sorry, that’s just wrong. I fully sympathise with Kvyat.

The initial rule and subsequent penalty was stupid enough. How does it matter how he got there as long he’s there for the race start in his grid slot?

And then to make a mistake regarding the type of penalty was sloppy at best. You have time, you have a team, you have an office, you have computers, you have a rulebook – how hard is it?

And then to award a second penalty because you got the first one “wrong” and have the audacity to enforce it anyway? Unacceptable, man.

Feature image : LAT Images

– Aditya Bhat.


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