Monaco GP : Sainz amazed by his P6 in qualifying

Given the fact that Toro Rosso aren’t particularly running any new updates on the car for the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz has said that he is surprised with his P6 qualifying performance.

f1-monaco-gp-2017-carlos-sainz-jr-scuderia-toro-rossoPhoto : Sam Bloxham – LAT Images

“It’s a good surprise for all of us, because it has been a tricky first five races”, said Carlos Sainz after qualifying, “I think we all expected a bit more from the car and the pace, and suddenly to get this P6 in Monaco is the best boost for everyone.

“Probably there are not a lot of straights here, and this is helping us. Second, I think we have a good car in terms of mechanical grip, which is something maybe last year we were not as good. As I’ve said on many occasions, the car is more complete.”

Sainz starts P6 behind the two Red Bull cars and if you were worried about any instructions he was under by “the man”, he cleared it up.

“I always attack, I don’t know what Helmut Marko will tell me”, laughed Sainz, “But I always want to attack from the beginning, because if you go into a race defending, is I think the worst thing you can do to your approach and your self-esteem.”

Good lad. I hope to see him in the points this evening.

Feature image : Sam Bloxham – LAT Images

– Aditya Bhat.



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