Update on Bourdais : Already talking about racing in IndyCar again

Dale Coyne Racing’s Sebastian Bourdais survived a 227 mph crash into the barrier at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where he was pulling a mind boggling 118G upon impact. As a result of this horrendous crash, Bourdais suffered multiple fractures to his pelvis and hip, ruling him out of competing in the Indy 500 and the rest of the Indy season.

Video credit : IndyCar / DietDewHunter88 via YouTube

Team owner Dale Coyne has reported that Bourdais is already discussing his return to IndyCar, the gritty racing driver that he is. 

“I went to see him this morning”, said Coyne, “He’s up and moving about, but he’s in more pain than he was before because the good stuff is wearing off now! One of his back ribs – right side, third from top, really hurts.”

Dale Coyne confirmed that Sebastian Bourdais does not have any mental health problems due to the crash.

“First day after the crash, he was saying he wanted to be back for Sonoma which is the season finale”, said Coyne about Bourdais, “No, skip Sonoma I said, then you’ve got an extra four months to heal, and come back in January and we’ll do it right.

“Then today he was saying he was figuring if there was any way possible to do Le Mans for Chip Ganassi Racing. That’s next month! His wife Claire said no to that one.

“But yeah, he’s anxious to get back. The true measure of a man is not on a good day, it’s on a bad day, and bad days make you want to come back and be that much more successful. People walk away hating this place after something like that, but they can’t wait to get back and try and do it right.”

James Davidson has been confirmed to replace Bourdais for the Indy 500 but Dale Coyne still isn’t sure whom to put in the car for the rest of the season.

“Do we take a rookie, or do we take an experienced guy?”, he asked, “I mean, find me another Bourdais, and I’d do the deal. But there isn’t another one out there.”


Incredible commitment and passion. Take a bow, Sebastian Bourdais.

Feature image :  AP Images

– Aditya Bhat.


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