F1 : Pirelli say tyres shall be softer in 2018

Following Friday briefings at the Spanish Grand Prix where drivers voiced their opinions about the pointlessness of the hard compound tyres and the general future direction of Pirelli F1 tyres, Pirelli have said that the tyres for the 2018 F1 season will be made softer.

f1-abu-dhabi-gp-2016-paul-hembery-pirelli-motorsport-director-with-the-2017-pirelli-f1-tyrPhoto : John Rowley

Pirelli F1 racing manager Mario Isola said that following the discussions, a consensus was reached that Pirelli have been too conservative with their tyre choices for the 2017 season, even though they did it due to the uncertainty surrounding the performance of the new regulation 2017 cars.

“I have to say it was a very very positive meeting”, said Isola talking to Motorsport.com, “We also exchanged a lot of ideas, also beyond just tyres. Plus, most of the drivers were involved, because sometimes there are silent drivers in these meetings, but all the top drivers were talking with interesting ideas.

“In general, everybody has the feeling that we are probably one step harder than we need to be, but don’t forget the rate of development of the cars will be huge, and we have to wait a little bit before taking decisions on the future.”

Talking about the direction Pirelli look to be taking for the 2018 tyre development, Isola commented : “We have to freeze the construction by Sep 1 and freeze the compounds by Dec 1, so now we are working both on construction and compound. But the focus for now is more on construction, because it is the first part of the product to freeze.

“For next year, we need a medium that is a bit quicker, closer to the soft, and a hard that is one step on the side of softer compounds, so we have to move a little bit the range.

“The final decision will be later in the year when we have some indication coming from other circuits like Spa, Suzuka, and Sepang.”

Feature image : Pirelli

– Aditya Bhat.


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