Monaco GP : McLaren bringing major updates

McLaren rolled out the first part of their major updates at the Spanish GP but its true potential was rather masked when Fernando Alonso’s engine blew up on lap 1 of the first practice session. Improvements due to the updates at qualifying, however, were realised when Alonso qualified P7.

Carrying this momentum, McLaren are set to bring in the second part of their major update package this weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix.

f1-barcelona-pre-season-testing-ii-2017-stoffel-vandoorne-mclaren-mcl32Photo : LAT Images

“We have restructured and rebuilt the team and now it is working and operating very very well”, said McLaren racing director Eric Boullier.

Not only did the first update package do well on track, it showed remarkable correlation with their CFD and windtunnel data, which McLaren are most encouraged by.

“You can see the results, our correlation rate is unbelievable”, said Boullier, “In Spain we brought a new front wing, new bodywork, new floor, and new rear wing and it is correlating 95 percent. And with this year’s new regulations meaning there are big gains every time you work in the wind tunnel or CFD, we see big potential still.

“So what we had on the car in Barcelona was the first part of the package and the second part will be in Monaco. It has allowed us and Fernando to step up into this midfield pack – and this is a fact, not fantasy.”

Talking about these updates bringing McLaren some points, Boullier said : “It is not hope – we know that on the less power sensitive tracks like Monaco that we can be in the points.”

All eyes on McLaren Honda this weekend in Monaco then. There is no denying the fact that they are making progress. Hopefully the Honda power unit holds up, and we can actually see Jenson Button return to score points for the team.

Feature image : XPB Images

– Aditya Bhat.



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