F1 2017 game teaser trailer – Classic cars are back

Codemasters and Koch Media have just released a very intruiging teaser trailer for the hugely awaited official F1 2017 game.

F12017__capsule_main-2Photo : Codemasters

Set to be released worldwide on the 25th of August, the biggest talking point of the game so far is the reintroduction of classic F1 cars to the roster. It has been announced that the game shall feature the legendary 1998 McLaren MP4/4, Williams FW14B, and the Ferrari F2002, with more classic cars set to be announced over the coming weeks.

“We are delighted to be re-introducing classic F1 cars back to the series”, said Paul Jeal game director at Codemasters, “Classics were incredibly received when we included them in F1 2013, and in F1 2017 they are back and better than ever.

“With so many great cars to choose from, it was hard to decide on the final 12, but we are delighted with our selection of some of the most successful and iconic fan favourites from the past 30 years.”

It has been announced that unlike in F1 2013 where the classic cars were cordoned off from the others, classic cars in F1 2017 will be included as part of a “deeper career mode” with opportunities to drive the classic cars during invitational track day events within the career mode.

“Numerous multiplayer enhancements”, “a brand new championship game mode” and “four alternative circuit layouts” are all promises Codemasters have made ahead of F1 2017.

The hype is real, and I might actually get myself the F1 game this year.

Watch the teaser trailer here :

Credit : F1 Games from Codemasters via YouTube

Feature image : Codemasters

– Aditya Bhat.



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  1. Would love to drive the MP4/4 across the streets of Singapore under the lights


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