Alonso : “I’ll overtake the Red Bulls off the start”

Following a dreadful start to the Spanish GP weekend on Friday morning where the engine on his McLaren Honda blew up on the installation lap of the practice session which he abandoned to go play tennis instead, Fernando Alonso came in to qualifying on Saturday to match his best ever qualifying position for McLaren in P7.

f1-spanish-gp-2017-fernando-alonso-mclaren-mcl32 (1)Photo : Andrew Hone / LAT Images

Talking about his incredible qualifying lap, Alonso suggested that he would at least 50 BHP or more to even consider challenging for pole position.

“I don’t think that 50 is enough, maybe it’s a bit more than that”, Alonso remarked, “Hopefully we improve the situation, not only the performance side but the reliability because sometimes we could take some points in the past and we had to stop the car.”

We didn’t get to see what their upgrades could do in practice due to the early breakdown, and Alonso believes the car showed its upgraded potential in qualifying.

Asked if he was carrying a bad car, he denied it saying “It has to be a combination of the two. My feeling is the car because I did nothing differently to any other qualification, but the car was giving me the confidence always to push.

“The conditions were quite difficult with the wind, but I never had a moment when I lost confidence so the car was performing really well. Yesterday, we saw the potential but we had strange sessions but today we put everything together.”

Alonso seems to have thrown his tennis racquet away and is very much up for the fight for the Spanish Grand Prix. He’s looking so optimistic for the race that he even said that he wants to cause trouble to the Red Bull cars at least in the first stint.

“It’s a track that is very difficult to follow on, so if we do a good start and keep this position I think the points are a real possibility.

“I’m only thinking of the start, how to overtake the Red Bulls. I want to be in the top five in the first couple of laps.”

Feature image : Andrew Hone / LAT Images

– Aditya Bhat.


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