GP3 brings in DRS restrictions

An F1 style Drag Reduction System (DRS) was put in place last year for the GP3 series to aid overtaking. However, new rules suggest that DRS usage in GP3 will be different compared to DRS usage in F1 and F2 due to restrictions being brought in.

These restrictions mean that usage of DRS in GP3 will be limited to a specific number of uses per race – 6 lap usage during feature races and 4 lap usage during sprint races.

gp3-valencia-april-testing-2017-leonardo-pulcini-arden-international-niko-kari-arden-interPhoto : Sam Bloxham/LAT Images

“It’s quite an effective DRS compared to Formula V8 3.5”, said ART driver Jack Aitken, “This one is much more effective, there is nearly a 20 kmph difference.

“With the limited use as well, it’s going to make it quite interesting strategically in the race. It’s not going to be quite as simple as F1 or F2.”

The DRS rule still remains that the drivers will need to be within one second of the car in front to be able to use DRS.  The rules also state that on circuits that contain two DRS zones, the drivers can use DRS twice and can be counted as only one usage.

Talking to, Aitken’s team-mate George Russell suggested that these restrictions have been brought in because the speed differential due to DRS plays a massive role in GP3 where it was about a 25 kmph differential in the slipstream with DRS.

“The DRS effect is massive”, he said, “I think it is because they realised how well it’s working and how efficient it is – it would’ve been a bit crazy if it worked like it does in F2.”

“It’s definitely going to make it interesting in the races”, Russell agreed, “You have to be quite clever with when you use it, and not waste any.”

The GP3 series is playing around with the idea of using a digital panel on the cars to let the fans know how many DRS uses a driver has remaining.

Feature image courtesy : Sam Bloxham/LAT Images

– Aditya Bhat.



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