Perez : Race starts very crucial this season

Ahead of this weekend’s Russian GP, Formula 1’s Mr Consistent Sergio Perez has said that race starts and first lap charges through the field will be very crucial this season, considering the fact that overtakes are hard to come by during the grand prix.

jm1725ma297-1024x683.jpgPhoto : Car Scene UK

“Definitely, the first lap is very critical these days”, said Checo talking to, “You have to take calculated risks, especially when you are in the pack – because so many things can go wrong.”

“It’s not only from your side, but especially with so many rookies out there. It is not always easy to make the best out of lap one”, he explained.

“It is important not to crash and not to puncture your tyres or damage your front wing ¬†– you have to be very precise in those places. You don’t know what the people in front are doing, so you have to react quickly.

“If you brake too late for them, the ones ahead can break early and then you crash into them. So it is not an easy position to be in.”

Talking about Force India’s development this season, Perez stressed on the fact that they’re still lacking downforce.

“I think what we are mainly lacking is pure downforce”, said the Mexican driver, “I have been saying for a while, I feel that we are the slowest team in the midfield.

“Although the results don’t show that because we are fourth in the constructors’ championship at the moment, I believe that we are at the moment the slowest team in the midfield pack.”

1490356015610.jpgPhoto : Formula 1

It’s true what he’s saying. Force India’s qualifying form so far this season has been awful, but they have a very consistent driver lineup with both Esteban and Sergio dragging the car up into the points each race. We’ll see Force India’s true pace when the upgrades do come and they can gain some valuable downforce.

Feature image : F1 Fanatic

– Aditya Bhat.


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