Vettel : Russian GP cold not a problem for Ferrari

Following general consensus that the 2017 Ferrari works very well in the heat, Sebastian Vettel has claimed that Scuderia Ferrari will not be on the back foot in the colder conditions of the upcoming Russian GP.

f1-fiorano-pirelli-testing-2016-sebastian-vettel-ferrari-sf15-t.jpgPhoto :

This comes after reports of title rivals Mercedes being extremely positive about their chances in Russia. Their tyre degradation improvements from the Bahrain F1 Test along with th fact that the Russian GP surface is incredibly smooth means that Mercedes are poised to have significantly lesser tyre degradation issues coming into Russia.

“Sochi is a smoother track and less abrasive on the tyres, so they can go a long way”, said Lewis Hamilton addressing this topic, “Hopefully we can rely on the pace our car there rather than our use of the tyres.”

Considering this, Seb Vettel still doesn’t feel Scuderia Ferrari are on the back foot compared into Mercedes coming into the Russian GP race weekend.

Asked about his concerns regarding this tyre degradation factor after the Bahrain F1 Test, Seb Vettel said : “I don’t think so, I think we will manage. We managed as well in China and it was quite cold, so I think it will be okay. We’ll see.

“I don’t know the forecast yet, but usually they change. We’ll see when we get there.”

Mercedes-vs-Ferrari.jpgPhoto : RaceLair

Every detail of every race weekend is incredibly important for Sebastian as he sits top of the drivers championship table coming into the Russian GP. It is a massive weekend for him after the Daniil Kyvat bumper car race from last year, and also for Ferrari.

It’s not like Mercedes are lagging behind and need a “bounce back” per se, but if Ferrari can get the better of Mercedes even with the colder conditions element, and perhaps get a double podium finish, that’ll be an impact statement from the Scuderia.

“Honestly, what are we doing here? Winning the race or ping pong?”

Feature image : Formula 1

– Aditya Bhat.


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