Bahrain F1 Test : McLaren Honda flawless but they don’t know how that happened

After enduring a power unit failure after only 2 installation laps on day 1, McLaren Honda showed up for day 2 with another new power unit and completed a full testing programme without any engine problems whatsoever.

f1-barcelona-pre-season-testing-ii-2017-stoffel-vandoorne-mclaren-mcl32.jpgPhoto :

Stoffel Vandoorne turned up on Wednesday and completed 82 laps in his McLaren Honda setting the 4th fastest lap at 1:32:108, only 0.8 seconds slower than the fastest Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas.

Honda brought in new spec power units for testing in Bahrain. The first new spec engine they used failed early on the first day, but the same spec engine performed flawlessly on day 2.

Funnily enough, McLaren Honda say they haven’t a clue how this has happened.

“If we knew..this is the problem, I don’t know”, said team principal Eric Boullier, “Everything has worked perfectly.

“This is a proper test today and everything you plan, you can test it and do back to back, so it’s very good.

formula-1-spielberg-styria-austria-eric-boullier-mclaren_3342021.jpgPhoto : Sky Sports

“We are even pushing a little bit in terms of settings , trying to use the opportunity and everything is working.”

“I think it’s the first time that we’ve had a day without any big problems where we could get on with our programme”, Boullier conceded.

I still don’t understand how clueless this massive partnership of two huge automotive giants really is. They don’t know why things are going wrong, they don’t know why things are going right. What is this!?

I’m obviously very happy that this was a very productive day and was a massive improvement, but was it really?

It’s an improvement if they knew what was going on. But if it was a fluke and they don’t know how to repeat it, that’s false positive hope.

Somebody reacting to this situation on Twitter saying “Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut” and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Feature image courtesy : AutoWeek

– Aditya Bhat.



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