This is Renault’s 2027 F1 concept car

Renault have given us their vision for Formula 1 cars 10 years from now – the Renault RS2027 F1 concept.


Unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, the RS2027 has been designed to commemorate 40 years of Renault involvement in Formula 1 and is meant to demonstrate Renault’s long term commitment to the sport.

Renault say that the car would weigh 600 kg and it wouldn’t be fully electric. It would be powered by an IC engine, however, it shall be boosted by a battery system 5x powerful than the current ones used in F1. This means the RS2027 could produce a mammoth 1340 BHP along with ERS producing 500kW compared to today’s 120kW!


Along with the massive power output, the four wheel steering, and four wheel drive, this concept is said to make use of all sorts of active elements to improve performance and efficiency.

Active suspension shall recover lost energy and active aerodynamics on the car means that aero losses can be limited.

Renault have gone the closed cockpit route with this design but they say they have considered the fan concern of not being able to see the drivers in the cars whilst racing. They say the cockpit covering will be transparent and they stress that the driver will actually be visible through it. This obviously is a massive step in the way of safety, alongside a two titanium pop-up system that deploys within milliseconds when the car overturns.

1492597161152 (4).jpg

Fan engagement has been given some real thought with the RS2027 featuring LED lap and position information on the tyres! Now I’ve got to say, I have spent hours upon hours discussing future F1 cars with my mates and we’ve never hit upon that. So, well done Renault.

However, they also want to go down Formula E’s fan boost route which does not get my approval, I’m afraid. I’m all for fan engagement, but that’s too much – just give us discounted paddock passes. We’ll be happy.

1492597161152 (1).jpg

Another safety feature on the concept car is autonomous mode during safety car conditions where the driver relinquishes control. I don’t like that at all. Is there a margarita dispenser in the cockpit as well? Drivers are meant to be switched on during safety car, working their tyres, and preparing for the restart – not chillin’ whilst the bot does all the work.

1492597161152 (3).jpg

Don’t get me wrong – the car looks mega and so do most of the features. I don’t know what I was expecting but I expected it to look different because it looks eerily similar to the Roborace car we already have.

Also, it is hard for me to get excited about concept cars because more often than not, they tend to be just elaborate and extravagant promotional projects.

But if F1 looks like this in 2027 especially with 1340 horses in the back, I won’t be complaining.

Photos credit : Renault

– Aditya Bhat.




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