2018 Formula E car to start testing in October

Next year’s Formula E cars are being built by Spark Racing technologies with McLaren Applied Technologies providing the 54kWh batteries.

formula-e-formula-e-design-concept-2017-spark-racing-technology-formula-e-renderingPhoto : motorsport.com

Unlike the current breed of Formula E cars, the 2018/19 cars with their new batteries are expected to last the entire race distance, eliminating the need to swap cars mid race.

Track testing for the new car is set to start in October, with Spark Racing Technologies co-ordinating it. Chassis crash test will take place in September with the first collective test session including all participating teams to be held in February of 2018.

With the car set to be homologated in August 2018, the changes to battery are substantial.

The new improved battery means that the peak power output and energy harvesting have been increased from 200kW to 250kW. This also means that the new battery is heavier pushing the total weight of the car up to 930 kg.

02_formulae_2017.jpgPhoto : Car Magazine

To compensate for the added battery weight, Spark Racing are using 3D printing to produce certain elements of the chassis.

McLaren Applied Technologies are supposedly using Sony Energy Devices derived battery cells, with Atevia taking care of the design, development, and manufacturing of the battery packs.

Let us hope the tests reveal that the batteries are actually capable of running the full race distance. Mid race car swaps are rather silly, but to be fair, I sort of enjoy the madness as well.

Feature image : Autosprint

– Aditya Bhat.


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