Giovinazzi desperate to move on from the Chinese GP from hell

After a sensational debut at the Australian Grand Prix where at short notice he replaced Pascal Wehrlein at Sauber and finished P12, the Italian rookie Antonio Giovinazzi had pretty much the worst race weekend 2 weeks later in China.

cac6771884a7c1f39eed37fe55be570b.jpg--Photo : La Sicilia

Too eager to post a good lap time in qualifying, he got on the power way too early out of the last corner and had a massive shunt. Come race day, he switched to slicks too early and aquaplaned on the start/finish straight and had an even bigger shunt into the wall, which led to petty internet trolls (like myself) calling him Giovincrashi.

“I want to first of all say sorry to the guys, to the team”, said Antonio after the race, “They did a fantastic job all night to rebuild the car after my crash in qualifying. So sorry for the mistake.”

“It was not my weekend”, he admitted, “I make the first mistake in qualifying and in the race I called for dry tyres too early.”

“When I come back on the track, when I went on the main straight, I just had some aquaplaning and lost the car straight away, nothing I could do.

“What’s important now is to cancel from my mind this weekend and keep working, and hope I can be back strong for the next time.”

Giovinazzi, however, still doesn’t know if we will be in that Sauber for Bahrain. With Pascal’s fitness very much in doubt and given that Bahrain is the weekend right after China, it is likely that he will be.

image16x9.img.1536.high.jpgPhoto : Formula 1

It is to be noted that if he does drive in Bahrain, he will not be eligible to test for Ferrari as a young driver.

But you’d rather make a good impression in an F1 Grand Prix than at a young driver test, wouldn’t you?

“Was a better ending after Melbourne weekend than now”, Gio agrees, “I hope I can have another opportunity to show what I showed in Melbourne.”

Feature image courtesy : Getty Images

– Aditya Bhat.


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