Our 2017 car was good enough for the F1 midfield – Manor Racing

Technical heads of the now defunct Manor Racing F1 team have claimed that they believed the team was capable of moving from the back of the grid to the midfield in 2017.

image16x9.img.1024.medium.jpgPhoto : Formula 1

Late drama at the end of the 2016 season meant that Sauber beat Manor to finish P10 with Manor ending the season dead last. This affected the team financially, and with no new buyer coming forward, the team was placed into administration in January.

However, the technical heads who were incharge of designing and building their 2017 challenger car believe their new project would’ve been a much better contender. 

Speaking to FormulaPassion.it, Manor Racing technical director John McQuilliam said : “It’s very hard for us to forecast how fast the new car would have been. Based on the improvements we can quantify, however, I believe the car would have been capable of getting into Q2 and challenging for points in a race of such attrition.”

f1-russian-gp-2016-john-mcquilliam-manor-racing-technical-director.jpgPhoto : motorsport.com

The Chief designer Luca Furbatto added in agreement, “Having gained  five seconds per lap between 2015 and ’16, we were convinced that our tools to estimate competitors pace was pretty accurate, so I have no doubt that Manor would have been in the mix of the midfielders.”

Manor Racing - HR - 63.jpgPhoto : Manor Racing

It’s a real shame listening to these guys talk about their abandoned car with such positivity and excitement. It is a real case of what could’ve been. Manor were genuine pure bred racers and with the staff they had of no more than 200 people, the progress they were making was noteworthy. Protecting future small like Manor should be a very important concern for F1 administration.

Feature image courtesy : The News Wheel.

– Aditya Bhat.


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