F1 : Winter staff signings to bolster Haas F1 Team

Haas F1 driver Romain Grosjean is optimistic about the new staff signed by Haas F1 Team over the winter saying he is “putting  a lot of hope” in them.

Because they’re a relatively new team, Haas have had problems with short term set-up fixes and data analysis in general.

Speaking to Motorsport.com about the new signings, Romain said : “We’ve got more people in the team, more engineers, more knowledge. Hopefully whenever it goes well, it is easy to setup the car, but when it doesn’t we’ve got more resources to work hard.

f1-barcelona-pre-season-testing-ii-2017-kevin-magnussen-haas-f1-team-is-pushed-back-into-h.jpgPhoto : motorsport.com

“Some really clever people have joined the team over the winter and we’re really putting a lot of hopes in that.”

Romain led Haas F1 team to taste success in F1 when he finished P6 in their first race in Australia 2016. He continued to score points for the team and even finished P5 in Bahrain.

But after that, Haas dropped off dramatically for the rest of the season with Grosjean rarely featuring in the top 10. This was because they shifted their focus to the 2017 season very early last season.

_L4R3889.jpgPhoto : Autoweek

“Our owner, Gene Haas understands racing and knows the first year is great but the second year is a challenge”, said the French driver, “It will take time to win, so you always need to look one step ahead.”

Talking about the implementation of this long term process put in place, he said “Whenever the car was in the wind tunnel and with the people we were starting to employ, I knew year two looked better than year one.”

“The whole process was actually done in a very clever way, so year one wouldn’t be awesome and year two just a drop.”

f1-barcelona-pre-season-testing-ii-2017-romain-grosjean-haas-f1-team-vf-17.jpgPhoto : motorsport.com

I agree that Gene Haas does have an incredible racing brain and it is very important to avoid “second season syndrome” where a team bursts onto the scene only to be a one season wonder.

I actually had an application rejected to be a racecar data and performance engineer as part of these winter recruits. Am I bitter that I’m sat here writing about how well those engineers are doing? No, of course not.

….yes, yes I am.

Feature image courtesy : motorsport.com

– Aditya Bhat.


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