Audi to enter Formula 1?

An FIA meeting is being held in Paris tomorrow to discuss the future of Formula 1 engines beyond 2020, and reports from the German outlet say that an Audi representative shall be in attendance. 

C7r4MXpW0AAZJPK-e1490772801541Make us dream. Concept photo by Sean Bull Design

Ross Brawn, the new head of motorsport matters for Liberty Media, is the man whose job it is to be leading this discussion. The debates on the direction to be taken in case of engines is a very important issue for the future of the sport, and several important people hold varied opinions on the matter.

Mercedes and Red Bull team principals, Toto Wolff and Christian Horner are both in favour of the return of the old loud V10 engines, whereas President of the FIA, Jean Todt, has ruled out a return to V12s, V10s, and even V8s.

He did add that he is open to change however when he added, “I realise this is a sensitive subject”, speaking to Italian outlet La Repubblica, “F1 is the flagship of the motorsport industry and it must be in line with the technological developments of the industry.”

It is common for us to jump on the hype train anyone mentions Audi or Chevrolet or Jaguar sniffing around F1 but is also fairly common for different manufacturers to sniff around, keep tabs, and generally be in the know when meetings like this do take place.

So, let’s not get too excited just yet. It may happen, it may not.

Audi-725x500.jpgConcept photo : Sean Bull Design

But if we do want it to happen, I believe that moving away from the V6 turbos isn’t the way. Almost all manufacturers these days have a strong focus on hybrid engines and cleaner energy (clearly demonstrated by Audi’s strong involvement in Formula E) and they wouldn’t be interested in investing their money and brand image in big old V12 brutes (as much as I’d like them to).

C7YQaSTX4AAVAhe.jpgConcept photo : Sean Bull Design

But when you look at concept designs like this, how can you not get excited?

Feature image courtesy : Sean Bull Design

– Aditya Bhat.





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