Vettel is a harder title challenge than Rosberg – Lewis Hamilton

In the aftermath of the Australian Grand Prix where Sebastian Vettel beat Lewis Hamilton to the win, Lewis has claimed that a potential title fight with Vettel would be much harder than the title challenges he faced battling Nico Rosberg.

1959367-41182825-2560-1440.jpgPhoto : Eurosport

In their time at Mercedes together, Hamilton and Rosberg had an exclusive three years of fighting each other for the world championship. Even though Rosberg got the better of Lewis in 2016, Hamilton still reckons Vettel will be much harder to beat.

When asked if the championship threat from Vettel was bigger, Hamilton replied : “Definitely, definitely. I think this year we’re seeing the best drivers at the top.

“Obviously, it would be great to have Fernando up there, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

“I’m really grateful to have this fight with Vettel, against Ferrari. It’s great”, said Lewis.

It does seem a bit standoff-ish saying the “best drivers rise to the top” now that Rosberg is gone. Or he might just be commenting on the fact that the challenger is from another team now that Ferrari have improved, and perhaps the challenge not being internal makes it a bit foreign and harder.

skysports-f1-lewis-hamilton-sebastian-vettel_3917994.jpgPhoto : Sky Sports

When asked to compare Rosberg and Vettel, Hamilton merely said, “I haven’t had many races up against Sebastian but we’ve always had a respectful relationship”.

The relationship between Hamilton and Rosberg has been iffy ever since their on track battles for the championship started getting intense. Before this season got underway, Lewis commented on his new team-mate Bottas saying he enjoyed working with Bottas more than any other team-mate because “there were no mind games”.

To be fair Lewis, the season has just gotten underway. If Bottas snatches a couple poles or even wins along the way, the mind games shall be out in full force. It is only natural.

As for Nico Rosberg, does he care about these comments now?

image16x9.img.1024.medium.jpgPhoto : Formula 1

Don’t think so.

Feature image courtesy : Formula 1

– Aditya Bhat.



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