Aditya Bhat’s full predictions for the 2017 F1 season

I remember being here last year. I was buzzing for Ferrari to step up. An entire year later, here I am again – buzzing for Ferrari to step up.

I gave my predictions last year where I got most of it right, but come on, you didn’t expect Rosberg to win the championship either. But is that going to stop me? Of course not, I’m going to be more unorthodox with my predictions this year. Let’s go!


Yes, I am betting on Lewis Hamilton to take his fourth World championship this year. There’s no way he’s going to lose to a new teammate after what happened with his old teammate last year. Now, as much as I’d like them to, I don’t have faith in either of the Ferrari drivers to do that just yet, however I think they will be mightily close. I’d be very impressed with Bottas if he finishes above the RedBull guys. I have him down for quite a few podiums and perhaps a win or two this year, but that would be a decent start to his life with his new team. Also, I’ve given this some thought and I’m putting Max ahead of Danny Ric. The midfield is fairly obvious with the stronger drivers being pushed up.

I have to say, however, that I struggled with the idea of putting Fernando that high up given where McLaren are right now, but I just know the man will punch above what the team can do. It’s literally his superpower.

Onto the Constructor’s championship predictions..


I’ve thrown a spanner in the works here – yup, it reads Scuderia Ferrari at the top. I know I’ve said I don’t trust either of the Ferrari drivers to win the title and I stand by that because of Hamilton’s car, his assassin like approach to the season, and just the fact that he’s got experience winning world titles with the same team.

However, I do believe in Ferrari’s reliability this year and given that I predict Bottas to score lesser point than the Ferraris and the Red Bulls, I’m going to say Ferrari at the top.

That’s all I have to say, really. The rest of the field is quite obvious. Maybe I’m being a bit biased putting Force India ahead of Williams but then again Williams will have to deal with the low scoring that comes with Stroll’s first season and I believe Ocon can pull his weight with Perez leading the team well.

I also hope McLaren won’t be in 9th at the end of the season, but I don’t have the confidence to say they’ll do any better, so I’ll leave them there.

What do you think of these predictions for the season? Too safe? Too predictable? Too mad? We’ll see. I’ll have this saved somewhere and bring them out at the end of the season.

Let me know what your predictions are in the comments below! 

(Feature image courtesy : Autosport)

– Aditya Bhat.



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