Fernando Alonso “bracing” for difficult start to the F1 2017 season

Seems like it is all I’ve been talking about recently – McLaren Honda and their reliability troubles.

For good reason as well, given how woeful pre-season testing in Barcelona has been for the Woking based team, with them completing the least amount of laps of any team and their fastest lap being a full 3 seconds behind that of Ferrari .

skysports-stoffel-vandoorne-mclaren-testing_3906249Photo credit : Sky Sports

So, you’d excuse Fernando Alonso for not getting his hopes up for this weekend’s season opener at Albert Park in Australia. 

Honda have since worked on their issues stating that engine mapping and vibrational problems have been the root of their pre-season misery, but Alonso can’t see the bright side of anything just yet. He’s been in the business for too long.

“After a difficult two weeks of testing, we’re prepared to face a difficult weekend in Melbourne”, said the two time world champion, “The first step will be to work on reliability before we can make any assumptions or predictions about performance.”

“We will try to enjoy the weekend as much as we can”, he said.

Chief on Honda F1, Yusuke Hasegawa has come out with information regarding the progress work on his Honda engines.

Hondas-F1-chief-Yusuke-Hasegawa-800x498.jpgPhoto credit : This is F1

“In terms of performance, there has been room for improvement with mapping in order to have better driveability, and with further analyses we were able to make additional changes to be ready for Melbourne”, said the Honda man.

“We’re heading in the right direction and we’ll continue our efforts in order to increase our competitiveness throughout the season.”

Let me put this situation into context..

Formula One teams put in a lot of work in pre-season and everything goes very well, and yet it is not uncommon for these teams to have a major failure and not finish the first race of the season.

The longest stint McLaren Honda had in pre-season testing without stopping due to a failure of some sort is a grand total of 11 laps.

Length of the Australian Grand Prix?

58 laps. i.e. McLaren Honda’s best stint amounts to one-fifth of the Australian GP completion.

Do you see the size of the mountain McLaren Honda are to scale? It’s why Fernando Alonso is “bracing” for a difficult start to the season.

(Feature photo courtesy : Sky Sports)

– Aditya Bhat.









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