F1 2017 : “We’re not good enough yet”, says Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen

At the end of the 2016 Formula One season, we believed and hoped that Red Bull could be much closer to Mercedes in 2017, but through all their sandbagging efforts, it would appear that Ferrari are the second (or first?) favorites for the 2017 season, with Red Bull still being tipped to be “amongst the top 3”.

f1-barcelona-pre-season-testing-i-2017-max-verstappen-red-bull-racing-rb13.jpgPhoto credit : motorsport.com

“Personally, I don’t think we can fight for the win at the moment”, said Red Bull Racing pilot Max Verstappen speaking to the De Telegraaf, “Much can change during the course of the season, but we are not good enough to win yet.”

“Mercedes will always be right up there”, said Max on his personal website, “And you can tell Ferrari have made quite a step up from last year – they will certainly fight for wins.”

160515144332-max-verstappen-super-169.jpgPhoto credit : CNN

We’re expecting Red Bull Racing to arrive in Australia with a magic bag full of magic “go faster” bits, but Verstappen has said that true pace can be ascertained after qualy in Australia, and RedBull Racing will not be going into qualifying on Saturday with the objective of nabbing pole.

He’s not really oozing a ton of enthusiasm at the moment, or maybe he’s just being realistic, taking each day as it comes. Or maybe he’s sandbagging in real life. Whatever it may be, I’d say Max Verstappen is justified in having these concerns right now.

Let’s hope that RedBull can progress quickly this season, because I’ve got a bet on with a few mates that it’s going to be Dan Ricciardo vs Lewis Hamilton for the title this year.

– Aditya Bhat.


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