The new McLaren 720S : 2017 Geneva Motor Show Highlights

The 720S – McLaren Automotive have revealed their new core model at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show replacing the already very fast 650S.

2018-McLaren-720S-1.jpgPhoto credit : CarAdvice

Good news is that the 720S is a McLaren through and through. It is a very good twin turbo V8 two seater sports car from Woking in Surrey. However, compared to the 650S, it is better in every way i.e. it is faster, lighter, and more aerodynamic.

The 720S houses a 4 liter V8 producing 710 HP and 770 Nm of torque capable of launching the car from nought to sixty in 2.9 seconds and up to a top speed of 212 mph. Not just acceleration however, as the 720S can decelerate from 120 mph to a dead stop in just under 5 seconds, which is rather impressive.

Power is delivered via a 7 speed dual clutch automatic gearbox and the launch control system has been improved, for good measure. The 720S drives in 3 modes – Comfort, Sport, and Track.

The chassis is a carbon fiber tub called the Monocage 2 and is heavily inspired by that of the incredible McLaren P1. The 720S weighs 1283 kgs, which is the lightest in its class and it is lighter than the 650S by 18 kgs.

As impressive as the performance potential is with the 720S, McLaren Automotive are adamant that ANYONE can drive this car and throttle response on the 720S is calibrated to provide “an optimum blend of immediate reaction and progressive comfort”.

2018-McLaren-720S-front-three-quarter-02.jpgPhoto credit : Automobile Magazine

Let’s talk about aero..

Talking about inspiration derived from the P1, the 720S features anti-lift aero blades at the front bottom. There are air channels featured on the sides flowing past the doors to direct cooling into the engine bay without any turbulence. This means the 720S gets a 15% increase in cooling airflow.

The 720S also houses an underbody diffuser that sweeps up from the flat floor to its rear wing. If you look at the lower side of the doors, the 720S features aero blades that are inspired by McLaren’s Formula One tech to move the air away from the front wheel arches. This aids in achieving an increased amount of downforce whilst reducing drag.

The rear wing is hydraulically activated and features DRS for straight line speed. Aerodynamic settings can be further adjusted to optimise downforce in corners and chassis balance under heavy braking. McLaren claim that all of this means that the aero efficiency in the 720S is doubled.

2018-McLaren-720S-3.jpgPhoto credit : CarAdvice

McLaren have already pre-sold their first lot of the 720S cars that are expected to be delivered to customers by May of 2017 coming in at an entry price of £208,000.

Say what you will, but I am mightily impressed by McLaren’s road car programme. It has been hardly 6 years since we were introduced to the 12C, and we’ve now already had the 650S and the 720S.

Can somebody do something about those alarm bells going off in Maranello, because I can hear it.

01-mclaren-720s-geneva-1.jpgPhoto credit : Autoblog.

Still not a fan of the gull wing doors, though.

(Feature image courtesy : Motor Trend)

– Aditya Bhat.










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