2018 TATA TAMO RACEMO : Geneva Motor Show Highlights

In February of 2017, TATA Motors announced that it had created a sub brand titled TAMO in order to develop new innovations and future mobility solutions, leaving TATA Motors to focus on production of the regular high volume consumer cars.

At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show last week, TAMO featured their first product – Racemo.

tamo-racemo_827x510_81488873710.jpgPhoto credit : Car and Bike

And yeah, look at it – it’s a beast! 

Designed at the TATA motors studio in Italy, the Racemo is an Indian two seater, mid-engined sports coupe. It’s giving me all sorts of Lotus Exige vibes and that excites me terribly.

Powering the Racemo is a 1.2 liter tubrocharged and intercooled Revotron engine. It is said to produce 190 HP available fully at 6,500 RPM and torque figures of 210 Nm at 2,500 RPM. 0 – 60 mph time is just a shade under 6 seconds, with a top speed going past the 200 kph mark.

TAMO have given the Racemo a race spec electric power assisted steering wheel featuring paddle shifters at the back. The wheelbase is 2430 mm and the ground clearance is 165 mm, which seems to be enough to clear our roads.

Tata-Motors-Tamo-Racemo-6-624x351Photo credit : Firstpost

TATA’s new collaboration with Microsoft for connected car technology means that the Racemo is set to feature all sorts of tech such as remote monitoring, advanced navigation, and even over-air updates by means of Microsoft’s cloud based technologies.

tata-tamo-racemo-interior-8.jpgPhoto credit : DriveSpark

The interior looks mega. It might even seem a bit too much but it could go through a lot of changes because the photo above is from the concept Racemo. But I do hope it makes it into production looking this this. The only change I’d like to see is the screens moving to their usual positions instead of behind the wheel looking like some sort of sim racing rig.


In summary, this is what I have to say about the Racemo..

I believe that this car coming to production shall be one of the biggest and best things to happen to Indian automotive industry’s in recent history. It’s a fierce sports coupe being produced by a huge OEM and not just another concept car being produced by DC or Mean Metal Motors. This is mainstream. But we’ve been here before. TATA themselves featured a concept car called the Aria 17 years ago at the same Geneva Motor show in 2000. But unlike the Aria that never hit our roads, the Racemo will.

However, being the annoying prick that I am, there are a few things that I don’t like about this car.

As I mentioned earlier, let’s please do away with the sim racing rig setup – it’s trying too hard with that.

My other worry is that the transmission in the Racemo is a 6 speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). Now, the AMT is an absolute fat dog for usage in a sports coupe as it results in slow shifting, and nobody wants that. I hope and I think Tamo will do something about that before bringing the car into production.

Finally, the gull wings. Can we not? It might look cool but it’s not practical, it’s annoying. The car is incredible as it is. I’m not a fan of gull wing doors on any car, but I don’t expect Tamo to do anything about that.

maxresdefaultPhoto credit : Autonews365 via YouTube

The Tata Tamo Racemo is set to be launched in 2018 under the Tamo brand for somewhere around 25 lakhs.

As for me, I’m fully aboard this hype train. Because it’s been a long time coming. The Racemo shall be an affordable mid-engined petrol powered sports coupe for India, and it looks like that. And if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.

– Aditya Bhat.








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  1. Seeing the gnd clearance, it doesn’t seem like an sport car 😛 and I’m sure the interior shown won’t hit production


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