F1 2017 : McLaren might go back to Mercedes engines

LESS THAN A WEEK AGO, I reported on a story about McLaren Honda’s pre-season woes and how the Honda engines were critically under-performing.

(Read here :¬†McLaren Honda’s pre-season woes)

In that article, I said this.


However, reports have emerged from the BBC and Autosport today that say McLaren have gotten in touch with Mercedes for preliminary talks about engine supply.


McLaren apparently aren’t backing Honda and its long term plans as solidly as Zak Brown led us to believe then.

Now obviously McLaren have had success with Mercedes engines in the past as they were a front running team up until 2014 when they switched to Honda and were relegated to the back of the grid.

Autosport have quoted today that according to a spokesperson, McLaren are considering options and the approach is merely “exploratory” and one of the options being considered is Mercedes engines.

I was a bit taken aback when I heard Zak Brown declare his undying love for Honda as these rumours were already taking form then. So, I said this in my article last week.


The fact of the matter is this –¬†McLaren stand to lose a lot if this season goes badly too – a lot of money, sponsors, and a certain Fernando Alonso.

So if a Mercedes engine deal is feasible, it could be very tempting. At the end of the day, it is business and nobody can afford to stand around hoping for the legendary McLaren Honda to return to dominate the sport without there being certain massive and immediate consequences.

But then again, becoming a Mercedes engine customer could mean that McLaren could never get peak engine service from Mercedes but if Honda come through, it could be a game changer. It all depends on long term faith vs immediate results.

(Feature image courtesy : McLaren)

– Aditya Bhat.








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