Formulino E – a new junior electric single-seater race car

A new junior electric single-seater has been unveiled that could potentially act as a feeder series to Formula E.

Born out of a collaboration between the Formula E chassis manufacturers Dallara and the Belgian constructor Punch Powertrain, the car titled “Formulino E” completed a shakedown at Zolder this week.

e71cb5a16a18693cad90c51c7544cb51.jpgPhoto credit : Formulino E

Naturally, it is being tipped to be a feeder series that could be a stepping stone into Formula E for junior drivers, just as F2 is a feeder series into F1.

The chairman of the board behind the Formulino E project, Thierry Deflandre has claimed that Formulino E is an ideal support series for Formula E and Electric GT series.

Current Audi Formula E driver and ex F1 driver Lucas di Grassi is in complete agreement.

“As Formula E evolves, it is natural that drivers will be prepared somewhere else”, Lucas told Autosport, “It’s good preparation like F2 to F1 and it will be much cheaper to run and less complex.”

The chassis for Formulino E is the same chassis that Dallara developed in 2007 that has featured on cars in the ADAC Formel Masters as well as in India’s MRF Challenge.

af7e3f22b5865b96424b0628ec1dc2b0.jpgPhoto credit :

With its power output ranging from 120KW (160 BHP) to 200KW (268 BHP), the Formulino E is speculated to match the power of the Formula E cars. However, the battery is currently a problem because they can run for only about 15 minutes at a time i.e. about 8 laps around the Zolder circuit.

We shall wait and see how this pans out, but there is no denying that this is nothing short of great news for electric racing.

Big players like Jaguar have taken to electric racing recently, and bigger players like Mercedes are saying that they are interested, and now this. Electric racing is on the up, up, and up.

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– Aditya Bhat.



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