F1 Testing : McLaren Honda are popping engines like tic tacs

As I mentioned in my round-up article of the first F1 test (F1 2017 Test 1 : Round-up), McLaren Honda have been having terrible issues with reliability.

The second test commenced today and things don’t seem to be getting any better.

In the morning session of today’s test, an electrical issue was detected with Stoffel Vandoorne’s power unit and McLaren Honda were forced to replace it.

f1-barcelona-pre-season-testing-i-2017-stoffel-vandoorne-mclaren-mcl32-pushed-down-the-pitPhoto credit : motorsport.com

“Examining and fixing the issue would have severely restricted track time for the driver and therefore, Honda decided to replace the engine and deal with it out of the car”, explained a press release from Honda.

Whilst the fact that they’ve used up a mad number of 5 engines in Test 1 and have already lost another on Day 1 of Test 2 and this is costing them millions of pounds, the main problem here is this.

These reliability problems are gravely affecting track time for the drivers. Maximizing track time during testing is everything because it gives you incredibly valuable data that you take into the season.

With only 3 more days of testing left before the 2017 F1 season commences at the end of the month, McLaren Honda are clutching at straws to acquire some meaningful data and learn more about their cars.

Let’s hope they get their reliability sorted very soon, because as a McLaren fan, this is getting a bit frustrating now.

– Aditya Bhat.


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